Friday, January 15, 2021

Drumstick 2.0 and related releases

Drumstick 2.0.0 has been released. There are four libraries now:

  • drumstick::ALSA (Linux only)
  • drumstick::RT
  • drumstick::File
  • drumstick::Widgets

Unit tests
New features include:

  • Namespaces reorganization
  • Code and build systems modernization
  • New library: Drumstick::Widgets providing a PianoKeybd widget plugin for Qt Creator and Qt Designer
  • New unit tests for Drumstick::Widgets and Drumstick::File
  • Removed OVE support from Drumstick::File
  • Translations for Drumstick::Widgets and utils
  • Documentation of the new API for Drumstick::Widgets
  • Drumstick::RT plugins versioning, allowing runtime coexistence between plugins of drumstick-1 and drumstick-2
  • License GPLv3 for all components

The new library Drumstick::Widgets includes the virtual piano widget used by VMPK and drumstick-vpiano, and also several configuration dialogs related to some Drumstick::RT plugins. The new features are showcased by the drumstick-vpiano application (and also VMPK, of course).

Drumstick Virtual Piano

The piano widget has been improved with some new features, like providing a new signal carrying the played MIDI note name and number, new customizable palettes for the keys background and foreground (font) colors, configurable fonts, and many options for showing note names:

  • Show note names: Never / Minimal / When activated / Always
  • Black keys names: Sharps / Flats / Nothing
  • Names orientation: Horizontal / Vertical / Automatic
  • Note names: Standard / Custom
  • Octave names (MIDI note 60): C / C3 / C4 / C5

There is also a new plugin for QtCreator and QtDesigner with the name '' which is equivalent to the old Qt4 'vpiano' plugin. It provides design-time support for creating Qt applications leveraging the virtual piano component. Needs to be compiled with the exact same version of the associated Qt5 development tools.

QtCreator plugin

Following the new Drumstick release, several programs have been released too:

VMPK 0.8.0

    Depends on drumstick::RT and drumstick::Widgets (also drumstick::ALSA in Linux)
Drumstick Metronome 1.2.0 (a.k.a. kmetronome, Linux only)
    Depends on drumstick::ALSA
Drumstick MIDI Monitor 1.0.0 (a.k.a. kmidimon, Linux only)
    Depends on drumstick::ALSA and drumstick::File
All of the above are hosted in SourceForge. AppImages for Linux x64 are available.

SonivoxEas 1.3.0

    Depends on drumstick::ALSA (Linux only)
This one is hosted in GitHub, and was presented in this blog before.

Finally a note about VMPK For Android. This app has been removed by Google from the Play Store, with some bureaucratic excuses. It never depended on Drumstick. I need to think about releasing it again, but never returning to the Play Store. I hate app stores.

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