Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VMPK supported platforms

I've read a debian bug complaining because VMPK fails to compile in FreeBSD (by the way, it will fail also in other Unix flavors, except maybe SGI Irix).

When I was planning VMPK, it was going to be a Linux only program, ALSA sequencer based. Indeed, there is still a test program in my aseqmm library using the same piano widget. Because I only needed limited functionality, I decided to try RtMIDI instead, which offers Windows and Mac OSX support. As Qt4 is also supported in these operating systems, the program was born multi-platform.

Maybe the number of supported platforms is going to grow in the future. That depends on RtMIDI. Any volunteer out there? The developer of RtMIDI, Gary P. Scavone, is very collaborative and kindly accepted the patches I've sent him in the past. About OSS, there is a note in the RtMIDI documentation saying that a decision was made to not include support for the OSS API. And there is no MIDI support in OSSv4. But there are more MIDI APIs, like Jack MIDI...