Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So, Why I am writting this blog?

I am a software developer to make a living and also as a passion, vocational activity, developing free software pro bono. Almost always for Linux, using Qt and KDE platforms, and MIDI technology. That is: music software. Some of my programs: KMid2, a MIDI/karaoke player, VMPK: a virtual piano, KMetronome: a MIDI metronome, KMidimon: a MIDI monitor. I will talk here about these, and other computer programs.

Sometimes people is surprised by my interest on MIDI. Isn't it a dead, ancient technology? Why should anybody be interested on MIDI, having better alternatives like MP3? What is really MIDI about? I will try to answer these questions in future posts.

Meanwhile, I've released a few days ago a preview of KMid2, a new incarnation of the classic KMid software. Here is a little demo. "Ay, linda amiga" is a renaissance anonymous Spanish song from the "Cancionero de Palacio".